Chinese Calligraphy
Today - part 2

The main difference in artistic approach and philosophy is that classical calligraphy was to sooth the mind and to harmonize the energy flow, where its modern counterpart is there to stimulate as a visual and spiritual enhancement. 

Unfortunately, in modern society there is no time, or perhaps people do not want to make it, for spending hours on studying classics and copying them for skill developing purposes. Bah, we don’t even have time to talk to each other face to face anymore. The ability of expressing one’s emotions not only via art but even words is therefore declining rapidly. Modern plastic mentality is not sophisticated enough to meet the steep requirements of Chinese classical calligraphy. Sadly, nowadays societies lead fast shallow lives where immediate effect is desired and viciously pursued. Calligraphy realm is abyssal and vast, and requires venturing deep beyond if one wishes to discover its secrets, despite whether he writes or admires it. Just standing there in front of a work will not do the trick. One needs to deserve to be graced by enchanted images and unrestraint passion that lurk quietly inside a calligraphy masterpiece. 

Today, majority does not understand calligraphy art. This also goes to Asian nationals. One reason is a commercial life style, and two is lack of reliable information on the subject. It is important to know that calligrapher’s main concerns are patterns which characters form on the paper and the white space secluding the black lines. Some of them are content with uniform and rather organised compositions, which approach is greatly appreciated by the majority of Westerners due to its “readability”. Others seek deeper and allow their creativity for energy buffed imaginative compositions, in which symmetry and logic step aside and baggage of life experience and artist’s unique personality take over. Such works are usually misunderstood and missed for a simple reason that people forgot how to mentally free themselves from emotional shackles of everyday rush. 

Here at we believe that both the information we provide as well as our art will not only help you to realise how to appreciate mysterious world of calligraphy, but also inspire every day of your life, making it more colourful and meaningful, bringing both harmony or sensual stimulation, whichever suits you best .

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