Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy
- a heart imagery of the artist's soul -

The Art of Far Eastern (mainly Chinese and Japanese) calligraphy is a universe on its own, sewed with passion, soaked in love, painted in stunning beauty, sparked by raw emotions, and secluded under a translucent veil of ancient mystery. We find it as fascinating as the miracle of life itself. Our intention is to reveal and share secrets of this vast world by bringing it straight to your home.

The art of writing Chinese characters is often misunderstood for many reasons. One is that not many people realise that in calligraphy, kanji (漢字, i.e. Chinese characters) are to be felt long before they are being read. Another is that the word “calligraphy” in western understanding means nothing more than a craft of writing in a beautiful manner, whereas here in the East we refer to it as “way of writing” (Japanese:書道, shodou) or “laws of writing” (Chinese: 書法, shufa), which is to be understood as a “chosen life path”, a sacred knowledge, far beyond the definition of “art”.

The deeply spiritual and philosophical nature of Far Eastern calligraphy may appear troublesome to interpret, and therefore to relate to. In The Far East we feel and inhale calligraphy with our senses rather than strive to comprehend it. Let the contents of our website show you how it is possible.

For us, calligraphy is an eternal journey inside the human soul, a warp gate into a realm of fantasies, and colourful dreams to which we fly on wings of heart imagery as if it was a mighty mythical dragon. It is a phenomenal explosion of emotion unleashing immense waves of energy by means of subconscious brush strokes, arranging simple ink lines on infinite seas of white paper, changing nothingness into raw magic.

Sho (, i.e. abbreviation of Japanese word shodou; it stands for “calligraphy”) is often considered art within art. It is an abstract “painting”, a spiritual message, a symbolic poetry and emotional “design” or vision of an artist that cannot be ever reproduced, retouched or copied. It is alive yet immortal, real yet untouchable, profound yet complex, laconic yet abyssal.

Calligraphy is also a medicine for our soul. Both admiring and writing shodou are activities proven to be not only forms of meditation, but also most effective ways of prolonging life. History proves that many ancient master calligraphers lived into their 80’s, or longer.

Surrounding yourself with calligraphy, you create peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, an enclave free of worries, sheltered from modern rush, where through aesthetical appreciation you are given a chance to enter an imaginative dimension of peace and tranquility soaked in dreams and passion of the universe itself.

Our website is offering an in-depth introduction and guidance throughout the complex and rich world of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. From history, through humorous life-stories of ancient calligraphers, as well as its styles and forms, to tools also referred to as the four treasures of the study and, of course, works of ancient masters and skilled contemporary calligraphers, we believe we will not only reveal secrets of this ancient knowledge, but also contribute to promoting unique aesthetics for those who are passionate about reaching beyond the usual.

We believe both that the information and artwork will not only help you realise how to appreciate the mysterious world of calligraphy, but also let its inspiration enrich every day of your life, making it more colourful and meaningful by bringing harmony or awakening aesthetical stimulation, whichever whispers to your soul.

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